Bret Gunter


Associate Creative Director




I’ve led the charge on a number of digital projects including creating websites, maintaining social channels, banners, pre-rolls and even a few videos created from user generated footage.


In 2014, RockTenn, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of paper and paper packaging, wanted to provide an online option for their Sustainability Report. The challenge was to create a visually interesting site that reflected their core business, while also housing a tractor-trailer load of information.


The result was a site that lead readers through pertinent, sustainability information while providing a glimpse at how the company operates using tools found in their processes, like the conveyor belt.


Gold Peak Tea is a tea brand of The Coca-Cola Company. My cool, home brewed writing style earned me the nickname, “Mr. Gold Peak" as I created countless social postings for the brand.

Gold Peak Tea Social

Peach? Berry? Bacon? Which flavor of Gold Peak Tea would you like to see us create next?

Gold Peak Tea Social

Did you know that sweet tea was invented to give people a reason to chill out?

Gold Peak Tea Social

100% home brewed taste, with 0% calories, sounds like good percentages to us.

Gold Peak Tea Social

We have our own Lemonade Iced Tea. One half is delicious and the other is delicious. That’s twice the delicious in one!

Gold Peak Tea Social

April Fools’ Day is all fun until someone fools with our Gold Peak Tea.

Gold Peak Tea Social

Remember, if that spicy food is too hot: Stop. Sip. And Chill with Gold Peak Tea.

When IHG publicly announced their new wellness-oriented brand EVEN Hotels, rather than just showing a list of amenities. they wanted to take travelers through a journey of the new concept. The resulting announcement site welcomed the public with a friendly, “hello” and led them through a virtual stay that focused on their traveling pain points.










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